» Enable port forwarding for the Wolflink HC5661-Wolflink

Enable port forwarding for the Wolflink HC5661-Wolflink

Wolflink HC5661-Wolflink Step 1

Log into wolflink router with your password (default IP: or you can use http address: wolflinks.com. Default password: admin)

Wolflink HC5661-Wolflink Step 2

Click on "Advanced settings" at the start router page

Wolflink HC5661-Wolflink Step 3

Choose "LAN DHCP Service" to setup statical IP address for your computer or skip to step 6 if you have it already

Wolflink HC5661-Wolflink Step 4

There are a list of connected clients. Find your computer

Wolflink HC5661-Wolflink Step 5

Copy your computer IP and MAC addresses into corresponding fields and press "Save" at bottom (Now your computer will have a statical IP address)

Wolflink HC5661-Wolflink Steps 6-7

Choose "Port forwarding"

Click on "Add port forwarding rule"

Wolflink HC5661-Wolflink Step 8

Fill the fields:
"Name" - any name you would like for this rule
"Protocol" - (TCP or UDP) for webserver choose TCP
"External port" - router port which will be accept connections from Internet (80 for webserver)
"Internal IP address" - statical IP address your computer with webserver (you can set or check it at step 3)
"Internal port" - your computer webserver port (80)
Press "Save"

Port forwarding is now configured for your computer!

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