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Enable port forwarding for the Pace 5168N

Pace 5168N Step 1

1 Go to your router's menu (typically at, and Click the "Settings" tab on top of the page

Pace 5168N Steps 2-3

2 Click the "Firewall" tab on top of the page

3 Click "Applications, Pinholes and DMZ"

Pace 5168N Steps 4-7

4 From the list of devices connected to the router, choose the computer cFos Personal Net is running on. By default, the first device is automatically selected.

LAN symboldenotes a device connected by cable
WiFi symboldenotes a device connected wirelessly

5 Click the "Allow individual application(s)" radio button

6 In the "Application List", find the entry "Web Server". Click "Web Server"

7 Click the "Add" button

Pace 5168N Step 8

8 Login with your router password. If the device is supplied by your Internet Service Provider, the password is typically written on the device's case

Pace 5168N Step 9

9 You should see the service appear on the "Hosted Applications" list on the right

Port forwarding is now configured for your computer!