cFosSpeed is the official Internet Accelerator for ASUS, GIGABYTE, ASRock and MSI gaming products

cFos Notifier - keep in touch Freeware

cFos Notifier

cFos Notifier periodically checks new sources and notifies you as soon as something new arrives. It then displays a notification in the Windows taskbar.
Currently cFos Notifier supports the following sources:

  • Mail
  • Twitter
  • RSS feeds
cFos Notifier

Thanks to cFos Notifier you don't need to clutter your desktop with open browser windows or email clients to keep in touch with the world. Likewise: if you need uninterrupted time, you can temporarily "pause" cFos Notifier to have the silence you need.


cFos Notifier supports POP3 and IMAP. Enter your mail server, user name and password for the account setup. cFos Notifier tries to detect your mail server account settings automatically.
Use server:port if you use a non-standard port. cFos Notifier prefers encrypted connections over unencrypted connections and IMAP over POP3 because of IMAP's faster mail check.
You can enforce encrypted connections and also allow self-signed certificates. However keep in mind, that a self-signed certificate can easily be forged by an attacker who then can listen in to your traffic.


cFos Twitter Notifier image preview
Anteprima delle immagini incorporate

cFos Notifier utilizza OAuth. Al primo avvio dovrai autorizzare cFos Notifier ad accedere al tuo account Twitter. Non dovrai comunicare a cFos Notifier il tuo nome utente o la tua password. Al primo avvio, Twitter, ti chiederà se vuoi consentire che, cFos Notifier acceda al tuo account, assegnandoti un codice PIN. Dovrai inserire tale PIN nella casella di input di cFos Notifier il quale, memorizzerà l'autenticazione per l'accesso, che potrai revocare in qualsiasi momento.

Twitter features

  • Supporto per Twitter API 1.1 e HTTPS
  • Gestione di più account Twitter
  • Ora i tweet includono l'immagine del profilo
  • Anteprima delle immagini incorporate
  • Monitora le tue liste oltre che la tua timeline nella sezione home

Elenchi Twitter

cFos Notifier supporta gli elenchi. Su Twitter è possibile impostare gli elenchi delle persone che desideri seguire. Se hai configurato tali elenchi, cFos Notifier, li visualizzerà nel suo menù contestuale. È possibile anche selezionare quali elenchi, cFos Notifier dovrà controllare. Ciò consentirà di utilizzare cFos Notifier, solo per un sottoinsieme dei tuoi Tweets in arrivo.

cFos Notifier Twitter list selection

RSS feeds

cFos Notifier currently supports RSS 2.0 feeds. Many news pages and forums offer their content as RSS feeds. Just enter the RSS 2.0 feed URL to add a new feed. Please let us know, if there is a popular feed which cFos Notifier doesn't seem to understand (leave a message using our contact form).

General operation

cFos Notifier context menu notification

For each source you can configure the notification sound, if a balloon tip is displayed and an optional taskbar icon overlay. If you use many sources we recommend to turn off the sound and the balloon tip for the sources except for the most important sources.
When you open the context menu to get an overview of the news, cFos Notifier will mark new sources in bold. As soon as you open the corresponding sub-menu, all entries in it will be marked as read. To keep them as unread you can open the sub-menu while keeping the CTRL key pressed.
When you click on an RSS feed entry, you open the web page for that RSS entry. When you click on a Tweet, you open the Tweet details page where you can interact with that tweet, e.g. retweet it, add to favorites, etc. Clicking on the title of the sub-menu either starts Twitter, your email client or the RSS feed overview page.

cFos news

We also use Twitter as a way to inform our followers about news, like new program releases, new products, sales, etc. To use cFos Notifier to follow us on Twitter is optimal to stay in touch with us.