cFosSpeed 는 ASUS, GIGABYTE, ASRock 및 MSI 게임 제품의 공식 인터넷 가속기입니다

10개 이상의 개선점,변경점을 제공하여 무료 라이센스(cFosSpeed)를 받으세요.
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cFos Power Brain 11kW

  • 3-phase wallbox for charging electric cars
  • Per phase 16A charging current, single-phase charging also possible
  • 5m cable with type 2 plug
  • Integrated DC residual current sensor
  • Extensive communication possibilities thanks to cFos Power Brain controller:
    • OCPP 1.5 and 1.6 (SOAP and JSON) - TLS encryption, incl. security profiles 1-3
    • Modbus TCP and RTU
    • RS 485 / Modbus RTU interface
    • Connection of almost any Modbus and S0 intermediate counter
    • Web interface and HTTP API
  • Integrated cFos Charging Manager for up to 3 charging points (more can be purchased)
  • Scheduled and rule-based loading
  • Integration of solar system and wallboxes from other manufacturers, e.g. Tesla and others
  • WLAN Access Point / Hotspot / WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Free lifetime software updates (via WLAN)

Promotion by KfW and federal states

cFos Power Brain 11kW is eligible under the new KfW program 440, charging stations for electric cars - residential buildings. Before ordering our wallbox you have to register at the KfW Förderportal and apply for a KfW grant. Afterwards you can order cFos Power Brain 11kW.

If you would like to take advantage of a subsidy program of your federal state, you may need an offer at the time of application. You can request this from us here.

Buy cFos PowerBrain 11kW

649,- Euro incl. VAT

(Sold through cFos eMobility GmbH)
+++ Delivery time: 3-4 weeks +++

You have questions regarding the cFos Wallbox?


The wallbox may only be permanently connected for stationary operation by a qualified specialist. It is not allowed to connect the wallbox without a low-resistance protective conductor connection (PE). The wallbox may only be installed in connection with an error protection switch of at least type A.

The wallbox provides a web server for operation. You can either dial into the WLAN hotspot of the wallbox, or you can connect the wallbox via WLAN to an existing network. Then you can operate it with a modern web browser.

cFos WallboxcFos Power Brain 11kw product overview.