cFosSpeed is the official Internet Accelerator for ASUS, GIGABYTE, ASRock and MSI gaming products
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How Effective is cFosSpeed Traffic Shaping?

Christoph Lüders & Christian Carazo, cFos Software GmbH - October 26, 2018
Download: cfosspeed-traffic-shaping-report.pdf Flag symbol for English language

All you need to know about the cFosSpeed Status Windows and Skins

The cFosSpeed Status Windows display important statistics about your current Internet connection. You should choose the skin most useful to you, e.g. the icon skins which integrate into the task bar or the Traffic Analysis skin with real-time statistics about your current different traffic types. Please vote on the different skins. This will help us when designing the next skin window.

Traffic Analysis Icon Skin

Traffic Analysis Icon Skin
Traffic Analysis Icon Skin in Windows Systray
Grafische Transfer rate in % voor slots 1-10
Open momentele Connections window
Toon graphs voor alle slots
Open slot configuration dialog
Low Latency Mode switch
Low Latency locked (= altijd aan)
Toon graphs enkel voor slots 9 en 10

Transfer rate in %

De slot graphs tonen de huidige transfer rates als percentage of maximaal bereikte transfer rate sinds de laatste installatie of callibratie van cFosSpeed.

De slots

De configuratie van slots 1-10 (als een deel van de cFosSpeed settings) kunnen bekomen worden door ofwel te klikken op de Open slot configuration dialog button, de skin of de Options/Settings menu entry van de systray icon. Elk slot kan individueel geconfigureerd en hernoemd worden.

Traffic Analysis Net Talk Icon Skin

In laats van de slots van 1-10 te tonen, de skin toont de locale up- en download transfer rates in helder groen en oranje en de totale rates (binnen uw locale network) in donker groen en oranje.

Hide status window

Deactivating the cFosSpeed status window

You can deactivate the cFosSpeed status window by right-clicking on it, selecting Window Settings and then deactivating "Auto-show/Auto-hide".

Hoe maak je uw eigen skin

An introduction to creating your own skins can be found in our skin design tutorialenglish

cFosSpeed Status Window (Skins)

Metro Skin
Metro Skin
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Traffic Analysis Insight Skin
Aquarium Skin
Aquarium Skin
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Aquarium Icon Skin
Aquarium Icon Skin
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gebruikers Skin
Toetsenbord LED's